All Data used in Degrees of Democracy: Politics, Public Opinion and Policy is available here:

Codebook [in pdf format]

US [zipped, in STATA format]

UK [zipped, in STATA format]

Canada [zipped, in STATA format]

Replication materials for "Political Institutions and the Opinion-Policy Link," published in West European Politics is available here:

WEP [zipped, data and STATA do-file]

Other spending datasets related to our project, but with somewhat more detail then is included in the datasets above, are as follows:

Total Expenditure on Government Services in the UK, 1980-2000

Data [in Excel format]

Codebook [in pdf format]

Discussion and Analysis [Public Expenditure in the UK: How Measures Matter, in pdf

Canadian Government Expenditures, 1980-2004

Data [in Excel format]

Codebook [in pdf format]

For other data sources, see Links.